Battle in the Straits of Messina
Frans Huys


Cornelis Van Dalem


Hieronymus Cock


Production date
Object number

Engraving and etching, printed from two copper plates; five states known

Signed at lower right: BRUEGEL INVENTOR (first state only); at lower left: ·F· HVIIS· FECIT·; in letterprint, above or beneath the illustration: CORNELIUS A DALEM ECUDEBAT, ANNO.X.D.LXI.CUM PRIVILEGIO (first state only); in a cartouche at lower right: Hieronymus Cock pictor excudebat, M.D. lxi/ Cum Gratia et privilegio./ Bruegel Inven. (second and subsequent states); inscribed in the upper margin: FRETI SICULI SIVE MAMERTINI VULGO EL FARO DI MESSINA OPTICA DELINEATIO [View of the Straits of Sicily or Messina, known in the vernacular as the Lighthouse of Messina] (second and subsequent states); above the mountains on the right: MESSINA (second and subsequent states); above the mountains on the left: REZE (second and subsequent states); in a cartouche at lower right: Trinacriae insignes portum ..... factum'que barathrum. (eight lines, second and subsequent states)
71.7 cm x 43.4 cm

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