The Parable of the Good Shepherd
Philips Galle


Philips Galle


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Engraving; four states known

Signed at lower left: BRUEGEL. IN. VEN.; at lower right, on the axe: PG. F.; dated at lower centre: 1565; inscribed at upper centre, above the doorway: · IOHA · 10 · / EGO SUM OSTIUM OVIUM · [I am the door of the sheep]; in the margin: HIC TUTO STABULATE VIRI, SUCCEDITE TECTIS;/ ME PASTORE OVIUM, IANUA LAXA PATET. // QUID LATERA, AUT CULMEN PERRUMPTIS? ISTA LUPORUM, / ATQUE FURUM LEX EST, QUOS MEA CAULA FUGIT. HAD. IUN. [You can stay here in all security, you people,/ I am the shepherd, the door stays open./ You who attack the walls and the roof, who are you? It is the law of the wolves/ and the thieves, which my sheep house renounces. Had(rianus). Iun(ius).]
29.8 cm x 22.7 cm

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