Fritz Grossmann

In a special focus exhibition 'Portret van een Bruegelexpert', the Rubenianum shows the work of art historian Fritz Grossmann, a scholar who dedicated a large part of his career to Bruegel the Elder.

In 1985 the collection of Fritz Grossmann (1902-1984) was donated to the Rubenianum. Grossmann was an authority on Bruegel and worked as Ludwig Burchard’s assistant. He devoted much of his professional life to his research on Pieter Bruegel the Elder. The results of this research are enshrined in this documentation, which is classified by theme and consists largely of notes, pictorial material and bibliographical references. In addition, the Rubenianum has in its care a number of books with annotations by Grossmann.

With this presentation, the Rubenianum aims to highlight the life and work of Fritz Grossmann and also the wealth of such art historical archives. On the basis of various documents from his archive, the chronological story of his career is illustrated, as well as his research file on Bruegel's Dulle Griet and his contact with Walter S. Gibson, another Bruegel researcher. The exhibition is enriched with Grossmann's portrait in pastel, recently donated by his daughter to the Rubenianum.

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From 22 September until 15 December 2019
Free visits every weekday from 8h30 to 12h and from 13h to 16h30. Except 1 and 11 November.
The exhibition is also on view on Sunday 15 December from 10h30 to 13h for participants of the Rubenianum lecture