The Triumph of Time
Philips Galle


Philips Galle


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Gravure; vier staten bekend

Signed at lower right: Petrus Bruegel inven.; Ph[i]l[ip]s Galle / excudebat; dated at lower centre: 1574; inscribed in the margin: Solis equus, Lunaeque, mucetum quattuor Horis,/ Signa per extenti duodenda volubilis Anni.// Proripiunt Tempus: curru quod praepete secum / Cuncta rapit: comiti Morti non rapta relinquens.// Pone subit, cunctis rebus Fama una superstes,/ Gaetula bove vecta, implens clangoribus orbem [The horses of Sun and Moon draw Time, which, borne by the Four Seasons in their annual voyage through the twelve constellations of the Zodiac, brings forth all things. All that Time cannot grasp is left for Death. Immortal Fame astride an elephant follows in their wake, filling the world with her clarion call]
30.4 cm x 21.2 cm

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