Ira (Wrath)
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Signed at lower left: ·P· brueghel · Inventor·; at lower right: ·H· Cock· excude · Cum gratia et privilegio ·1558·; at lower centre: PVAHE [in monogram]; inscribed at lower centre: IRA; in the margin: ORA TUMENT IRA, NIGRESCUNT SANGUINE VENAE. [Anger makes the face swell up, and the veins grow black with blood] / Gramscap doet den mont swillen, en verbittert den moet Sij beroert den gheest, en maeckt swert dat bloet.
29.4 cm x 22.5 cm

An allegorical armed figure of anger emerges with sword drawn and with an army swarming around her from a tent into a landscape filled with violent scenes, including human figures roasting over a fire and naked figures being cut down with a large knife; at the feet of anger, her attendant bear biting the leg of a hapless naked victim; above her a gigantic figure with a knife in her mouth balances a carafe in her left hand; a great fire consumes a fantastical structure at right middleground.

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