The Poor Kitchen
Production date
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Engraving; two states known

Signed P. Brueghel inven. at lower left and T.G.excudit at bottom centre; Latin, French and Flemish titles, two lines of Frech verse and two lines of Flemish verse in lower margin; inscribed in the margin: Ou maigre-os Le pot mouvre est vu pouvre Convive / Pource, á Grasse-cuisine iray, tant que je Vive // Daer magherman die pot roert is een arm ghasterije / dus Loop ick nae de vette Cuecken met herten blije [Where the thin man does the cooking it's a poor kitchen indeed/ So I run to the fat kitchen with speed]
29.1 cm x 22.4 cm

A group of gaunt men gather around a table at left and reach for a pot of mussels, while behind them a fat man attempts to escape the grasp of a thin man through the door at the back of the room; other thin men at fireplace at right and softening dried fish at right foreground; in centre a thin woman feeds a child while another child upturns an empty pot over his head.

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