The Peasant Wedding Dance
Production date
after 1570
Object number

Engraving; three states known

Signed at lower left: P · BRUEGEL · INVENT; at lower centre: Aux quatre Vents; at lower right: · PVAHE · [in monogram]; inscribed in the margin: Locht op speelman ende latet wel dueren,/ Soo langh als de lul ghaet en de rommel vermach:/ Doet lijse wel dapper haer billen rueren,/ Want ten is vrij met haer gheen bruijlof alden dach.// Nu hebbelijck hannen danst soomen plach,/ Ick luyster na de pijp en ghij mist den voete:/ Maer ons bruijt neemt nu van dansen verdrach,/ Trouwens tis oock best, want sij ghaet vol en soete. [Keep it up musician and make it last,/ So long as the flute and drum play./ Liz will pluckily move her rump/ Because her wedding is not every day.// Tricky Dicks are doing fancy steps,/ I'm listening to the fife and you missed a beat./ Our bride has given up dancing,/ Which, by the way, is for the best, because she's full and sweet.]
42.3 cm x 37.5 cm

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