The Fight over Money
Production date
after 1570
Object number

Engraving; four states known

Signed at lower right: P. Bruegel Inve[n]t[or]; at lower centre: Aux quatre Vents ·; at lower centre: ·PVAHE· [in monogram]; inscribed in the margin: Quid modo diviti[a]e, quid fulvi vasta metalli/ Congeries, nummis arca referta novis, // Illecebres inter tantas, atq[ue] agmina furum/Inditium cunctis efferus uncus ecrit, // Pr[a]eda facit furem, fervens mala cuncta ministrat / Impetus, et spolijs apta rapina feris · (three couplets) [The savage grappling hook will reveal to all the riches, the vast pile of yellow metal, the strongbox stuffed with new coins among these great enticements and the ranks of thieves. Booty makes the thief, the assault that serves all evil helps him, and so does the pillage good for fierce spoils.]; in the margin: Wel aen ghy Spaerpotten,Tonnen, en Kisten. /Tis al om gelt en goet, dit striden en twisten. // Al seet men u ooc anders, willet niet geloven. / Daarom vuere[n] wij den haec die ons noijt en miste[n]. // Men soeckt wel actie om ons te verdooven, / Maer men souwer niet krijgen, waerder niet te rooven. (three couplets) [Forward, you piggy banks, barrels and chests. / It's all for money and goods, this fighting and quarrelling. // Even if they tell you something different, don't believe it. / That is why we carry that hook, which has never forsaken us, on our banners. // They are taking action to quiet us down,/ but there would be no battle if there were nothing to steal.]
30.6 cm x 23.9 cm

First state

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